First taking stock post of the year! Now that we’ve made it through the long year that was January! I’m hoping to be more diligent with these posts this year.   Making: positivity and possibility… View Post


Making : changes. Overdue, important, necessary changes. And praying will stick to them. Cooking : the healthy “diet” food I need is not as arduous as I made it out to be in my mind… View Post


It’s been a while since I’ve taken stock here . . . for shame! I didn’t even quite know where to start or if I could finish but I did! Yay! Ain’t nothing to it… View Post

Taking Stock Four

With every other Taking Stock post I do, I realise I keep waiting for life to get easier, smoother, safer. That people will change and my circumstances will miraculously become what I want/need them to… View Post

Taking Stock Three

I’ve had an overloaded couple of months . . . Feeling quite drained, yet optimistic that whatever happens now, there are much better things ahead, Inshallah. Making : time in October to get some well… View Post