Chit Chat with The Fit, Fab, Foodie!

Meera Vadgama aka The Fit Fab Foodie, is one hot mama! And one of the sweetest ladies ever! Always smiling and joie de vivre! She runs an eponymous BLOG  and an highly visually impressive Instagram page where she talks about and shares all her tip, tricks, experiences and recipes on all things that make her fit, fab & foodie! And that is no word of a lie. From her epic workout posts, beach pics, Bond Girl-esque evening looks (killer btw!) and her very decadent and just utterly sinful food posts, she wears her title with dedication and style. She’s a first time mum and a self-confessed heliophiliac that lives to eat, cook, love and laugh and frolic on the beach. Her healthy and wonderfully/artistically presented meals and snacks have even been featured on the Beautiful Cuisines Instagram page. Go Meera! I had an Oshinity chit chat with her and here is what she had to say …


Oshin: They say “Everybody dies but not everybody lives”, what makes you feel most alive?

Meera: I feel most alive when I’m exerting myself to the point of exhaustion! Exercise, for me, is a release for all stress and worry. Not much beats that feeling of exhilaration for me. . . the rush of those feel good endorphins, and the sense of achievement that follows conquering a workout. That said, I also love the wind swooshing through my hair when driving with all the windows down and music blaring!  Haha I am simple like that!


O: We work so we can get the things we want in life. What would you barter all your wealth for?

M: I would barter all my wealth for spending all day, every day, with the people I love. Even if we aren’t anywhere fancy,  just laughing and enjoying the moment. It’s so easy to get caught up in tomorrow that we often forget to just exist in the now – today.


O: “A young man who isn’t a socialist hasn’t got a heart; an old man who is a socialist hasn’t got a head” said François Guizot, what’s do your heart and your head often disagree on?

M: That would have to be food!!! My heart says ‘PIZZA!’, my head says’NO! BROCOLLI INSTEAD.’ Lol. To be honest, I’m more of a practical kinda girl and usually don’t let my emotions control my actions . . . except when I’m hangry 😉

Meera 9

Who wants pizza when she can make SHAKSHUKA!!!???


Meera 8

And a stack of spiced banana pancakes like this! *sluurp*

O: How do you take your tea, coffee, or poison of choice?

M: Coffee. Always rich and always dark.


O: Who are the most influential, inspirational & valued persons in your life?

M: This may sound cheesy, but my husband is. Hes my best friend, confidante and partner in crime. And the one person whose opinion matters most to me.


O: If you could host anyone (living, dead, real or fictional) for a night of fine dining and conversation aboard the Tamarind Dhow, who would it be?

M: Jaime Oliver. I love his style, the passion with which he cooks and how instrumental he has been in influencing policy change in the UK to fight obesity and encouraging healthy eating habits again, in a country where fast food is the norm. I would love to sit and talk with him about what influences his cooking style and also ask him to make his famous guacamole –  if the Tamarind Dhow would allow it!

Meera 10


O: Beyoncé sang “You must not know ‘bout me!” what would shock people to learn about you?

M: I like to think that I’m an open book and don’t have too many deep dark secrets 😉 I guess what would shock most people is that I’m actually quite shy especially when I’m not in my comfort zone. That probably explains why I like to keep my circle small.


O: What do you miss most in your life right at this moment?

M: Being on the Beach! I’m a total heliophiliac and would jump onto the next plane just to be near the ocean and in the sunshine.

Meera 3


O: What’s your guilty pleasure and your pet peeve?

M: My guilty pleasure is devouring an entire bar of chocolate with sea salt sprinkled over – whilst checking my Instagram  – and then having a nap straight after. Ha!

My pet peeve is a lack of manners. I cannot stand it when people are rude and don’t practice basic courtesy.


O: If you had one last day on earth, who would you spend it with, what would you do, eat, say?

M: That would have to be with my husband, daughter, close family and friends. I would spend the day on the beach with them, eating pizza (because who’s worried about eating clean on their last day on this beautiful planet?), and gelato and drinking lots of delicious Pinot Noir!  My perfect day would be filled with lots and lots of laughing and meaningful conversation and being totally open.


O: Describe yourself in three words.

M:  Passionate. Impulsive. Happy.


Meera 1


O: What is your screen saver?

M: My screen saver is a photo of my daughter and husband taken at the Nairobi Orphanage – I love their expressions and I still remember distinctly what a beautiful day that was.


O: Name the title of the autobiography of your life.

M: Title of Autobiography . . .  ‘Perpetually Hungry’ ? Haha just kidding. I reckon it would be ‘A life of Passion’. Because I’ll either do something filled with utter passion or not at all.


O: My spirit animal is Mindy Kaling, what’s yours?

M: KaDee Strickland’s character in Private Practice.  Shes bold, and feisty and a little bit nice and a lot naughty 😉


O: If you could witness any even past, present or future, what would it be and why?

M: Don’t laugh but I would have loved to see dinosaurs in real life. Yes, I’m just a child stuck in an adults body.


O: Where is your favourite destination and where is your fantasy destination?

 M: My favourite destination so far is Zanzibar. My fantasy destination is Bora Bora, which hopefully one day I can make a reality.

Meera 4


O: Which book fundamentally changed something in your life and what?

M: ‘I Dreamed of Africa’ by Kuki Gallman.  The entire book encompasses the beauty of this stunning continent so well, but what stuck with me (and had me sobbing like a baby!) was the fragility of life and how well she captured it through her writing.


Check Meera out on her Instagram page @thefitfabfoodie and keep it here to see who I chit chat with next!





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