Taking Stock Two

Making: myself a priority.

Cooking : my own version of nachos con carne yesterday and having it get wolfed down in about 2 minutes = happy Oshin. Love it when people love my creations.

Drinking : water. Water. More water. Starting now. I’m aiming for the 2 litre daily minimum for my health and skin and hair. Pus I can finally actually use my pretty Kor chrome One bottle. Yay!

Reading: Penelope Liveley’s Moon Tiger (still), and getting even more confused. The woman’s mind is a beautiful mess and she left it all on paper and now I’m just trying to make my way through it without getting lost.

Wanting: to eat better and less but the struggle is real. Food is my weakness. And I have no strength. Send help!!!

Looking: Cubano! At least I think I do in my head what with my pretty red hat and curly hair J

Playing: dumb a lot. Helps making things easier. Unfortunately.

Deciding: to start a workout regimen today has me excited and optimistic but I’m worried I will end up quitting again.

Wishing: I was in Cuba right now, enjoying a Cohiba or a Montecristo in a cosy Sobremesa. The life!!!

Enjoying: Photomyne – an app that scans old photos really really well. Now I have proper copies of old family photos on my phone without those weird angles and light reflections. On a mission to scan all the oldies I can lay my hands on.

Waiting: for my order from Amazon to get here. I literally just made the purchase, but I can’t wait for it to get here!!!

Liking: my black henna (peacock) done by Sybha of Henna Hub (@Henna_Hub on Instagram). I just wanna show it off! Thank you Sybha!

Wondering: why there is so much conflict in my life right now. I try to be accommodating and reasonable but still things fall apart. It’s quite frustrating.

Loving: these new super low Uber rates! Aren’t you?

Pondering: on how best to navigate a difficult situation with a difficult person.

Considering: getting those crotchet braids. Not really sold on it.

Buying: what I reckon is quite a neat birthday present for a dear friend.

Watching: Gilmore Girls! Another blast from the past I stumbled upon on Netflix.

Hoping: to post on a more regular basis.

Marvelling: at how easy it is for people to get from 1 to 100 these days.

Cringing: at myself for still watching Nairobi Diaries. Judge away. Valid.

Needing: a holiday. Yes, I’m still on this J

Questioning: what my life’s purpose is! Universe, a sign would be good.

Smelling: the comforting and calming “all will be well” reassuring aroma of my double apple shisha.

Wearing: a fabulous red hat with black accent that is making me feel Cuban J

Following: the most hilarious Twitter account called This Makes No Sense. I cannot stop laughing!

Noticing: that some Jacaranda trees are slowly starting to flower and feeling warm and fuzzy about it.

Knowing: that I need to start picking my battles although that is not an easy thing to do.

Thinking: about my future.

Admiring: women who can compartmentalize their lives like men.

Sorting: through a week’s worth of unread emails this morning and boy was it arduous!

Getting: on a fitness journey starting today. No more flaking.

Bookmarking: some interesting old articles on Harvard Business Review. Learning a lot.

Coveting: longer hair.

Disliking: all this conflict!

Opening: up to new challenges I’ve set on myself. Wish me luck.

Giggling: at my little brother’s silly jokes. He’s so cheesy.

Feeling: anxious about an impending deadline.

Snacking: on nachos and Kez Organics green chili dip. So Yum!

Helping: people like I used to isn’t as easy anymore. Life gets in the way.

Hearing: hard truths and heeding them.

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  1. Darcel
    December 6, 2016 / 6:02 am

    nice read, I enjoyed it. It’s motivated me to do my own stock take.

    • Oshin
      December 6, 2016 / 9:39 am

      Thanks doll. You should, although it looks easier than it really is. Makes you take a deeper look . . . can be revealing.

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