Taking Stock Three

I’ve had an overloaded couple of months . . . Feeling quite drained, yet optimistic that whatever happens now, there are much better things ahead, Inshallah.

Making : time in October to get some well needed R&R. I just must! Cream crackered!

Cooking : up the plans that will make said mini holiday well spent and exciting.

Drinking : more and more coffee although I do wish it was a better brew than the dispenser kind. Yuck!

Reading : Harry Potter and the Cursed Child after reading the entire series again for the 28129841074012th time was bitter sweet. So much learned. So much lost. J. K. Rowling, I love you!

Wanting : my hair to recover and grow again so desperately. Do those protective styles really work? I need to know before I commit.

Looking : better what with my skin not being as bad as it was for most of the year. God is good.

Playing : DOTS!!! Haven’t been this into a game since Candy Crush.

Deciding : to braid my hair a fortnight ago (3rd time in my life) was not so bad, fortunately and I did look cute if I do say so myself. But I was over the do in about 9 days. I’m so fickle. Haha.

Wishing : good health for my beloved. It pains me to see them unwell/hurt.

Enjoying : how pretty Nairobi looks this time of year. Purple everywhere!

Waiting : for my dinner to get here. Famished.

Liking : my new footwear. Got some really cute sandals yesterday and today. Just my type.

Wondering : if I will ever get over meeting Trey Songz in person!!! What a surreal moment in my life!

Loving : the spicy tuna ceviche at Ginza with everything I am and everything I have! My God! Perfection! Haven’t had ceviche that good in years! I’ve been on it all week and I could do more . . . *sluuuuurp*

Pondering : on whether or not I should watch the American presidential debate or just leave it at aaaaaaall the reviews and comments and memes people have been sharing.

Considering : my current levels of exhaustion, sleep deprivation and pressure, I am very proud of myself for not just spontaneously combusting into nothingness.

Buying : things I don’t need instead of saving for things I really want! Wahala!

Watching : more and more re-runs of shows. I may be viewing myself into retrograde haha.

Hoping : for the best. Always. Always.

Marvelling : at how fast my nails grow when I polish them and how fast they break when I don’t. Is there a science behind this other than whatever little reinforcement the polish gives? I’ll look into it.

Cringing : at my handwriting. Chicken scratch more like it. I have to ask people to help me make sense of my own notes 😀

Needing : a full night’s sleep.

Questioning : the way a lot of people regard friendship. I’m one of those violently loyal freaks who will ride or die or kill. I cannot understand anything else.

Smelling : oud thanks to my mum.

Wearing : one of my new sandals. My favourite one. I need to get more so that when this one gets worn I will have spares. Yes, that’s how much I love them!

Following : Anthony Cuts (@Anthonycuts) on Instagram and loving his skill! This man knows how to make beautiful hair! Amazed at his work.

Noticing : there’s a lot to ignore J

Knowing : life is short and nothing is guaranteed. 2016 has really drummed this in.

Thinking : about the spicy tuna ceviche. Mmmmm . . .

Admiring : how talented some people in my life are. Mashallah.

Sorting : through my jumbled thoughts to finish this post.

Getting : my fitness regimen back on track on Monday. I promise. Lol.

Bookmarking : nothing and leaving loads of tabs open and slowing my laptop down. Old habits . . .

Coveting : a better body.

Disliking : my rushed morning s that turn into late mornings becaue of sleepless nights.

Opening : yet another tab on the browser 😀

Giggling : and NOT snorting is on my agenda! I will be triumphant!

Feeling : oh so tired.

Helping : people sometimes comes back to bite me in the ass but oh well, such is life.

Hearing : the sweet waves of the ocean soon Inshallah. Crossing all crossables. A Pisces like me belongs by the sea.



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  1. Saida Breik
    September 30, 2016 / 8:43 am

    Love it❤❤❤…I’m with you on getting a better body InshaaAllah (jk)

    • Oshin
      September 30, 2016 / 9:54 am

      Thanks honey. Need to look hot like you!

  2. Tejal
    September 30, 2016 / 1:53 pm

    This taking stocks seems so interesting! Sadly mine would only consist of piles and piles of undone work. Procrastination is extremely real!

    • Oshin
      October 2, 2016 / 12:56 pm

      just give it a shot. I thought mine would be the same too but it’s not. Actually nice to think on them.

  3. Joyous
    October 4, 2016 / 5:01 am

    *Enjoying : how pretty Nairobi looks this time of year. Purple everywhere!* & gorgeous shades of orange!I look forward to this time of the year too. Too beautiful.

    • Oshin
      October 9, 2016 / 6:09 am


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