OmG! Halloween is right around the corner, and if you looooove it like I do but never get any time to go costume shopping and end up with a sorry attempt at a costume, then this post is for you! I’ve curated a list of 10 fun yet simple costumes you can pull off without too much hassle, and probably with things you already have in your closet. Sadly I did not have any time to recreate any of these looks myself but just had to post so all these images are sourced from the internet.


Who do-si-doesn’t love a good ol’ cowboy/cowgirl look? You can pull it of with the least amount of effort ever and can dress it up or down depending on your taste. All you need is a nice pair of jeans/shorts (or even a short dress if you choose right), boots, a checkered shirt, a cowboy hat, the statement bandana and you’re good to go! This works for both men and women and a toy gun/whip will go a long way in elevating the entire look.

  • Pro Tip – a grass stalk in the mouth = authenticity. Or cud. Haha.

Oshinity Halloween


What better way to look fabulous and ensure you have a snack or a smoke on hand at all times than the iconic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look? Plus the chic factor goes without saying. And the best part is, this look with golightly on your wallet because one of your sleek LBDs or black maxis, a few strings of pearls and some stunning stunners aka big black sunnies and voila! Oh yeah, don’t forget your pastry and coffee and that “I’m hungover but fabulous daaaaahling” demeanor.

  • Pro Tip – a little fringe really brings the look together.

Oshinity Halloween

Oshinity Halloween


This is the perfect balance between beauty, power and grace. How divine! So throw on your off/white flowy dress (long or short depending on the goddess you are channeling for the night, your strappy sandals (flat or high-heeled) and adorn yourself in golden, glowing makeup and a beautiful crown. I recommend a golden floral wreath or headchain/headband. Add a few accents that will make it clear which goddess you are and don’t forget the persona!

  • Pro Tip – Be very temperamental! Those Greek goddesses were know for thier moodswings 🙂

Oshinity Halloween


The cat’s meow!!! This look is so damn sexy and dangerous . . . you will definitely be feline yourself all night in it. The easiest thing to wear for this would be a catsuit, but if you don’t have one, no problemo. Just wear your most snug pair of tights, a form fitting black top and your favorite pair of high heeled boots – in black. Obviously. Catapult your costume with a black mask over your eyes, some cute cat ears a-la headband from a novelty/costume/party store and don’t forget the long nails and red lipstick and you’ve got the purrrfect look.

  • Pro Tip -it’s all about the movement and the poses in this outfit, think PussyCatDolls.

Oshinity Halloween

Oshinity Halloween


Remember the good old days before adulting and responsibilities? You can reclaim it and and have a real life #Throwback this Halloween if you just dust off your old school uniform (assuming it still fits). Or if you hated your uniform like I did, you can now finally put together the one you used to wish you had instead. Emulate all those cute Catholic schoolgirl looks like Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl or even a cheerleader outfit! Be! Aggressive! Be! Be! Aggressive! *sigh* yeah, I know, this is Kenya and we don’t really have the cheerleader culture but I’m sure you’ve always wanted to thanks to TV. So do it!

  • Pro Tip – draw on some pimples with your makeup for a realistic look hahaha

Oshinity Halloween


This is so cute . . . I just can’t! *gaaaah* ok, quick and easy – red skirt or shorts with white polka dots, black top, black stockings, yellow/red/white/black shoes. And the Minnie Mouse ears headpiece. OmG! Perfection.

  • Pro Tip – giggle. All night. Cuteness overload!

Oshinity Halloween


If you have to party, why not do it Roaring 20s style? Think Gatsby. Short fringy dresses, feathers and feather boas, sparkling headbands and short hair. Lauren Conrad gave the best DIY here. Check it out!

  • Pro Tip – learn a cute little foot action you can unleash during your party to really show off the flow of your dress and your awesome skills.

Oshinity Halloween


Seeing as Halloween is on a Monday and we have to work, I have an easy and work-appropriate one for all the ones in more rigid offices . . . Superman/Supergirl to the rescue! Literally just wear a Superman Tee under your white button-down official office shirt. Done. Oh, and the spectacles. Then just go about your day, Clark.

  • Pro Tip – wait until there is a catastrophe like a paper-jam in the printer then take off your glasses, jump off your seat and set off toward the printer at a run while unbuttoning your shirt to reveal the S on your chest! Yes! Go Superman!

Oshinity Halloween


Think long and dark. From the hair, to the dress. Do the makeup just right and you’ll pull it off.

  • Pro Tip – resting bitch face. That is all.

Oshinity Halloween


I really can’t even say anything about this. I’ll just show you. LOL.

Oshinity Halloween

Oshinity Halloween

Oshinity Halloween

The bonus is that you can do couple’s costumes for most of the looks I’ve shared e.g. Mickey and Minnie or  Zeus and Hera etc. There is also so much you can do with makeup that can bring out the Halloween freak in you without breaking the bank. All you need is some patience and positivity and you can look as spooky as ever in a few short minutes. Check out Instagram pages like Elf Cosmetics, Mac, and Huda Beauty for these and more looks. I hope this has been helpful, and timely enough that you can start preparing. Have a fantastic Halloween!


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  1. BeweaveIt
    November 8, 2016 / 7:03 am

    Lol! The pro tips were everything! :p

    • Oshin
      November 9, 2016 / 12:26 pm

      Some of my best work, those haha. Thanks for reading 🙂 I do Beweave you’ll be back for more 🙂

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