Taking Stock Four

With every other Taking Stock post I do, I realise I keep waiting for life to get easier, smoother, safer. That people will change and my circumstances will miraculously become what I want/need them to be. And then I end up repeating myself . . . because while I wait for things to happen I am not making them happen. And this exercise has opened my eyes to the fact that our lives are shaped by the things we say/do/think and it is in our power to be happy and in charge!


Making : an effort to embrace changes that had to happen and hoping that they work out ok.
Cooking : less than I should L maybe I should reclaim that part of my life and start some cooking posts here on Oshinity? Sounds good, no?
Drinking : more water because this heat is not playing!
Reading : Khloe Kardashian’s ‘Strong Looks Better Naked’ and enjoying it so far. I’ve seen her transformation and I thought I knew how and why but getting inside her head like this, it’s very personal and relatable.

Oshinity Taking stock

Wanting : to be dedicated to this fitness/weight loss/health agenda I have been pursuing since I was like 15 lol. I falter. A lot.
Looking : exotic whenever I wear my green contact lenses and loving how the winged eyeliner looks against it!
Playing : chess, or trying to. Learning. Always wanted to be able to play chess and play it well.
Deciding : to walk away from a bad situation was scary but necessary. So many of us stay in awful situations out of fear or uncertainty. Better the devil you don’t know, I say. No attachment.
Wishing : I had a nice cooooold strawberry frappe with just a little lime right now! Mmmmhmmmh!
Enjoying : Sade. Always. Always. My love for her is infinite.
Waiting : to do a cute little shoot with a  friend. Excited really. It’s gonna be wicked!
Liking : those Halloween filters on Snapchat. Really fun. Those guys put so much work into jazzing our lives. Thank you Team Snapchat.
Loving : myself. Dark side of the moon and all.
Considering : my late nights and late mornings, lol, this wash & go style is really working for my hair.
Buying : a lot of lip glosses and lip balms. I can’t resist it.
Watching : Breaking Bad still and becoming even more enamored with the quality of story development and character evolution. Brilliant.
Hoping : to get through the week having delivered on all I am supposed to.
Marvelling : at how super my mum is. I have no idea how she does the things he does with the grace, speed, heart and style. Simply amazing! Hoping those genes didn’t skip me J
Cringing : at my handwriting. Even I can’t read it most of the time hahaha.
Needing : TLC. And an ice lolly. Can you tell I’m feeling really hot?
Questioning : a lot. Constantly. My life, my choices, other people’s intentions . . .  That’s just the kind of person I am. A questioner of things.
Smelling : my hair and smiling J The scent of L’Oreal’s Elvive Extraordinary Oil is so yummy! Plus my hair feels amazing.
Wearing : my hair wild and free for weeks! Loving it but kind of miss my blown out locks.
Following : good food wherever I find it J restaurants to vibanda!

Wondering : when I will delete “Someday” from my personal life calendar. *sigh*

Oshinity Taking Stock

Noticing : Halloween costumes this year were mostly genius throwbacks. At least in the celebrity world. Did you guys see Kylie Jenner’s Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirty’ look? Loooove!
Knowing : the weekend is almost here is so comforting. I need to sleep.
Thinking : about my future plans and realizing I have way too many divergent ones and need to be more deliberate.
Admiring : long, thick, luxurious hair.
Sorting : out my clothes this weekend. Need to declutter and give away what I no longer wear.
Getting : fed up of a lot of people making me
Bookmarking : a lot of these links people forward me on Whatsapp and the likes because I click on them but don’t read them and promise to get back to them. Way too many bookmarks.
Coveting : a gorgeous pair of over-the-knee flat boots in black leather *drools*
Disliking : all these cases of misappropriated funds. Disgusting!
Opening : presents is one of the best feelings in the world! Right?
Giggling : whenever I watch one of those videos where ‘Proca’ is featured on Patricia Kihoro’s Snapchat. By the way, her show ‘Life in the Single Lane’ is back and on Tonight, I can’t wait!
Feeling : very emotional, but that’s just because of all the songs I’ve been listening to while working on this post. Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Sade . . .
Snacking : some grapes and strawberries but really craving samosas.
Hearing : a lot of different people talking at the same time and paying no attention J Zen!




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