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I love my hair whether straight or curly but I must say, whatever the case, I like it free and easy.  What I mean, basically, is that I don’t spend too much time or effort on doing my hair, without completely neglecting it. I would get my curls blown out or ironed flat a lot until I decided to take a break from all the heat and just let them be. But, again, I didn’t want anything fussy so I embraced the ol’ wash and go! Loving it! It’s so liberating not to worry about the unpredictable rain or gym ruining my hair and I can get ready like that! *snaps fingers* A lot of people have been asking me how I wash and go, Oshinity style, do it so here it goes . . .


Oshinity wash and go



My wash is fast but not furious. I get my hair fully wet in the shower, lather on some shampoo at the scalp and work it through the rest of my tresses and rinse. Then I slather on enough conditioner that I feel luxurious but not vulgar and massage my scalp for a few minutes, work the cream all through every strand and tie it up and get on with my body. This gives the conditioner time to work it’s magic. When I’m good and scrubbed clean then I undo the conditioned hair and use a very wide toothed comb while rinsing it out. I then gently squeeze the water out and wrap my hair in a towel.

I love using a shampoo and conditioner set for my hair because that’s what my mum taught me and I honestly believe they work better together. And if the range has a hair oil/moisturiser for after as well, even better! But, back to the washing, I’ve been alternating between two main sets over the last couple of years: Tresemme’s Curl Hydration and L’Oreal’s Elvive in Total Repair 5. I’m on Elvive at the moment and I just love everything about it! It’s creamy and moisturising (even after the wash!), leaves my hair feeling soft to the touch and manageable (the conditioner is brilliant!) and it comes in big and small sizes. Win. Plus it is very very reasonably priced for all the good it gives me.


Oshinity Wash and go


 . . .  AND

To get my hair ready for oiling, I towel dry it to where it’s still wet enough but not dripping. I switch up the oil I use every few days or combine them because variety is the spice of life! Currently, my besties are coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and castor oil for all their proclaimed blessings like moisturising, enriching, nourishing, and conditioning . . .  which are in fact all true by the way. I just really don’t like the scent and viscosity of the castor oil so I use it least or mix it with the (unscented) coconut oil when I do. My hair has been softer, shinier and stronger since I started using these oils and I’m looking froward to seeing better results in the long run. I’m also planning to get some real argan oil soon and I’m excited to find out how good it actually is.

I recently added this  (award winning) Extraordinary Oil by L’Oreal. I saw it one day and got it because it was part of my Elvive range, but my God, it really is extraordinary! First of all, it smells sooooooooooooooo yummy! I’ve been having everyone smell it! And it is so perfectly light and silky and makes my hair feel very smooth and wonderful. It boasts oils from 6 rare flowers that work together to enrich, protect, hydrate and condition hair . . . not to mention the luster it gives. Just a few drops and I feel like I’ve spolied myself! Haha. Since I don’t pre-poo, I do like to massage my scalp and hair with it (and coconut oil) before a wash but mostly I use it after the base oils I’ve mentioned above. It is more pricey than other serums but hey, I’m worth it, right L’Oreal?


Oshinity wash and go



When my hair is oiled, I can comb it out into the style I like – surprise! my signature side part 🙂 and I’m good to go! Unless I need that extra hold for my curls, which means I will use a little of my Tresemme Curl Hydration mousse. This too is light and smells fresh. What I love most about it is that it doesn’t weigh my hair down or restrict motion.


Oshinity Wash and go


So that’s my wash and go routine. Simple. Speedy. Sweet. Works for me because I don’t need to schedule several hours for hair care very often. I don’t need too many special treatments all the time either, because the products I choose to use are nourishing and protective enough to take care of me on a day-to-day basis. Wash & go curls are fun and can be worn for most occasions. Do you have a wash and go routine?


Oshinity wash and go




signature Oshinity




  1. November 14, 2016 / 5:16 pm

    I love. I just started using Castor oil btw.

    • Oshin
      November 15, 2016 / 6:14 pm

      How’s it working for you? My research tells me it works wonders for the eyebrows and lashes. Gonna try it 🙂

  2. myrah
    December 2, 2016 / 11:14 am

    Elvive r awesome products…love it…especially the conditioner

    • Oshin
      December 4, 2016 / 11:26 am

      Amazing right? There’s a curly hair one I am looking for but haven’t found it here as yet 🙁

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