November Favourites

My first faves post! Yay! See, I’m the kind of girl that gets really excited by the little things. And the grand. The old. The new. It could be anything from food to a vintage scarf. So curating this list was not easy. I just decided to cut it down to a few new discoveries/purchases and experiences. So here we go!



Most of the makeup I have is for my lips: balms, glosses, sticks etc. They’re always and forever welcome. I recently got some new ones to try and they’re super to use. I also like to experiment with eyeliner, to see what works best. So I am a junkie there too.


Oshinity Nov Faves

  1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Raisin Rage (630) – It’s a creme lipstick that glides on beautifully, keeps me moisturized for long and has a beautiful opacity to it. Rich pigmentation and the colour is a nice maroon with a little brownness to it. Just a little.
  2. NYX soft matte lip cream in Monte Carlo – I’ve said before I’m not a fan of how matte glosses dry my lips out and damage them (Farah Dhukai, some Farsali Rose Gold Elixor is needed here please!) but this one is ok. Creamy as the name claims and not as bone dry as most matte liquid lipsticks. The colour is sexy too. I have been wearing it in the evenings.
  3. H&M lip pen in Cherry Lips  – love. love. love. These lip pens/crayons are the bomb! Easy to apply, soft, lovely colour. I need more! And the maroon is just to die for. Yes, I have a thing for maroon.
  4. Sally Hansen Colourfast lip pen in Health Nut (04) – another one I am smitten with. creamy. Sweet nude brown that can be dressed up or down avec lip liner. Almost halfway done with it already.
  5. L.A. Girl Fineline long lasting, fine-tip liquid eyeliner – the felt pen liner types. You can never go wrong with them because: precision! And it dries matte so it looks good, not glossy/leathery like it’s about to peel off. It’s my new favourite.
  6. Davis lip/eyeliner (38) – I saw a fiend with this, tried it on and fell for it so I went to get me one too. Beautiful deep purple that brings the right levels of smoldering to my look whenever I need it.
  7. Vaseline Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips – oh. em. gee. Guys! This little baby is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Such a itty bitty littu Vaseline tub and it’s pink! I just saw it and the rest is history. It’s very lightly tinted and yet it’s Vaseline which is a win!


Oshinity Nov Faves


Sundays are my pamper days, that’s nothing new. So when I’m not scrubbing, I’m probably masking. Current favourite has been this Kaolin BP mud mask from Luscious Touch UK. It smells like petrichor once you’ve wet it *yuuuummmmyyyy* and it deep cleanses so well. To accompany it, I wash my face with Black Soap that my friend gets fr me from West Africa. Usually it’s a tub of Eboni Black Soap which is in jelly form but I sometimes use this bar one too. They leave me feeling so fresh and so clean *does the dance*.



I mentioned in my last Taking Stock post (here) that I’d bought Khloe Kardashian’s book “Strong Looks Better Naked.” I’ve taken my time with it because 1) I’ve been so busy, and 2) I feel guilty every time I read it and promise to hit the gym and don’t. I like that she talks about the struggles in her life that made her pursue fitness as a lifestyle, and that they weren’t always superficial. Sometimes it’s the other things in life that make us seek health and wellness. She now has the “Revenge Body” show out on E! Can’t wait to watch it.


Oshinity Nov Faves




My love for black shoes is legendary. Other than the occasional nude, I hardly ever buy any other colours. But the moment I saw these gorgeous green heels at Mr. Price, I knew I wasn’t leaving without them. I tried them on, they fit and it was a wrap! Literally – they have ribbons to wrap around and tie 🙂 Finding a matching light sweater was a bonus. Love them.


Oshinity Nov Faves


Oshinity Nov Faves



If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve recently become obsessed with Burrito Bar. The yummiest new joint in town. They have the most amazing burritos, nachos and tacos (soft and crunchy shelled). And the best part is you can do a different combo every time. They have a super selection of rice, beans, meats and toppings. I’ve been having my lunch there A LOT! I cannot get enough. If you fancy a delish Mexican treat, Burrito Bar is it.


Oshinity Nov Faves


Here’s hoping December will be a good month to all of us and bring more blessings! Can I get an amen?






  1. December 6, 2016 / 3:18 pm

    Love it! The book by Khloe looks like a good read. Will investigate!
    And oh em gee that ittu wittu vaseline – WHERE from madam??? Spill the maragwes!

    • Oshin
      December 6, 2016 / 3:24 pm

      Hahaha. Spilling! Nakumatt. Just by the counters. Got that one at Junction branch. I was getting Maybelline Baby Lips and then I saw it and squealed and just dropped the Baby Lips for this baby Vaseline lol.

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