Handbags and purses have always been a great symbol of womanhood to me. I mean, aside from murses or unless you’re E. J. Johnson, they really are an exclusively “pour femme” item. As a little girl, I noticed they were almost sacred to women. These magical places where secrets and essentials were kept and carried. And the different styles that spoke to and of the different women who wore them. Still, ever changing depending on the circumstances but a signature was evident. From my stay-at-home mum’s cute and functional to my jet-setting aunt’s fabulous designer ones to my working aunt’s sturdy structured ones to my grandma’s ever handy coin purses and oversized “granny clutches”. And with their handbags and purses stocked, I noticed they could basically rule the world around me. I grew up having the same sense of confidence and comfort in my handbags. They really are a big part of our identities as women and we can tell a lot about each other just by looking at what we carry and what we carry in it.


Oshinity International Women's Day


So this International Women’s Day, I would like to salute this staple of womanhood . . . This necessity that basically keeps our “mini universes” on their axes . . . handbags! I got this beautiful Toofn pink/salmon (depending on how the light hits it) one from Kilimall to review.


Oshinity International Women's Day


It’s not a colour I would naturally gravitate towards because I love blacks and white and browns but it is quite lovely and growing on me really fast. Unfortunately, it is quick to get dirty, but for those who change bags often, this shouldn’t be a problem. The structure of the bag is very like the Celine totes which is a plus because it’s modern and chic. The bag is sturdy enough to handle my stuffing (I literally live in my handbags) but it does not have enough inner pocket space for my little trinkets like lipsticks and keys and pocket mirrors. I prefer more spacious and zippable ones. It has the shorter handles and an adjustable strap that you can hook on or leave out – I prefer no straps but then it’s an effort to carry because my bags are heavier than most.


Oshinity International Women's Day


Oshinity International Women's Day


Oshinity International Women's Day


I must say, it’s pretty enough to catch the eyes of many and I have received lots of compliments which is always welcome 🙂 And the golden hardware is my absolute favourite part because it elevates the bag and gives it some sass and class. Would I actually buy the bag from Kilimall? Maybe. If they had black/white options, but all I’ve seen is blue and this pink which are good for occasional use, not everyday, for me at least. But with this one I’ve decided to be bold for A change 🙂  All in all, it’s a good handbag for the price (2,080 Kenyan Shillings = 20 US Dollars), strong and pretty. Check it out for yourselves via link here.


Wishing you all a sensational International women’s Day my fellow ladies.






  1. Njeri
    March 10, 2017 / 8:05 pm

    it’s so cute. me I love it.

    • Oshin
      March 16, 2017 / 7:20 am

      It really is! thanks doll!

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