Up until recently, I used to think hair shrinkage was a bad thing. I remember boasting to my schoolmates about how my hair doesn’t shrink when I wash it, it just gets curly. Sigh. I was such an idiot. The effects weekly blow dries had on my hair was nothing to feel special about. Those lazy, barely there waves-ish that tried to pass for curly after a wash meant my hair was weak – not that it was any softer that anyone elses. But thanks to all these curly haired naturalistas like Brittany, Chelly, Jinny, and my newest find, Halima, I’ve learned that curly hair should be curly! Not that weird, awkward in-between. The tighter the curls, the stronger the hair. So shrinkage IS a good thing. I’ve learned about keeping hair well moisturized, what oils work wonders and alla dat so I updated my wash and go routine.

Oshinity LOC method curly hair

The wash part hasn’t quite changed from this to be honest. I know there’s a lot of improvement I need to incorporate here. Still using the same L’Oreal Elvive shampoo and conditioner set as always but I’m shopping for new stuff. Maybe The Mane Choice or Shea Moisture or Aunt Jessie’s (those have been highly recommended). I’m also looking to co-wash. The update comes in during the “and go.”

Oshinity LOC method Curly Hair

I’ve been trying the LOC method for about a fortnight and it has been super! After a wash, I squeeze out the excess water from my hair with a towel (another thing I need to change). Then, while still damp, I use The Mane Choice’s Tropical Moringa Daily Restorative Spray. It’s claimed to promote growth, fight breakage and loss and boost curls. It smells very sweet but not overwhelming. I like to spray this on my damp hair for extra moisture. It’s supposed to be used every day to refresh previously styled hair but I just use it like I would water. So far, so good.

Oshinity washa and go loc method nairobi kenya

Then I go in with my Jamaican Black castor Oil with Argan from a brand called Mamado. Everybody and their mama keeps singing the praises of Jamaican Black Castor oil so I had to try it. I got this blend with Argan oil because Argan oil also has a reputation. And I’m tryna grow my hair! So all the help I can get is welcome. I massage the oil on my scalp and then do a once-over on the hair all the way to the ends. It has a very yummy smell (some people don’t like it). And I love how rich and smooth it makes my hair feel. I hope this really works in growing my hair.

Oshinity LOC method curly hair

Lastly, I use the Crème of Nature Oil Moisturizer from their Argan Oil range for the last part of the LOC process to seal it all in. It’s nice and thick and creamy and has good slip so it really helps the brushing process. I apply this all over my hair and finger comb gently as it conditions. Then I brush my hair using a brush I picked up at a Chanadrana Food Plus store. What I need to get is a Denman Brush but this works for now. I just brush through while shaking the curls into formation and voila! Done.

Oshinity LOC Curly Hair

I find my hair looks and feels healthier. It’s more supple. Smells great. And oh my God, the currrrrrrrrlllls! Guuurrrrlll! Definition is strong with this one.  I love it! Do you LOC? Does it work for you? Let me know. Love learning about hair. I’d love to know any tips any of you have.

Oshinity wash and go LOC method nairobi kenya








  1. September 20, 2017 / 12:18 pm

    The argan oil moisturizer is the truth! Thanks for the tips.

    • Oshin
      September 25, 2017 / 10:38 am

      It really is girl. Thanks for reading 🙂

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