Guuuuuuuurrrrrrl! Let me tell you! Pauline Cosmetics is the bomb dot com! First of all, as Caroline Mutoko says “it’s Kenyan.” Yes, a bonafide Kenyan cosmetics line developed by the sweetest most encouraging woman – Nelly Tuikong Park. I got in touch with her a while ago, telling her how much I admire and love the brand but couldn’t find the makeup brushes and she sent me some as soon as they restocked. How lovely is she? As soon as I laid my hands on them I fell in love.

Oshinity kenyan brand makeup brushes

The blending/powder brush is my favourite big one I’ve used so far. No lie! It’s so soft and dense and gets the damn job done. Liquid, cream and powder foundations all go on so well with it. I use it every single time I wear makeup. It gives me a flawless base application with the foundation as it is so tightly packed and gets powder on well as it’s soft. It’s a good size and weight and wears well with no shedding.

Oshinity Kenyan brand makeup brushes

The spoolie/eyebrow brush is simply amazing. I have not put it down since I got it. All other spoolies and old mascara wands I used to use on my brows prior to this were retired promptly after my very first try. It’s that good. I love that it is firm but not rough or scratchy so none of that “dandruff” situation that happens when the brush flakes off skin. It combs and lays my lashes beautifully, along with my trusted Davis brow pencil in the shade 040. Love it. I don’t really use the flat angled brush as I’m not into the whole concealing the perimeter of eyebrows to define the technique, is I have no opinions on the quality of the angled brush. But I’m sure it’s just as good as the rest of the Pauline Cosmetics brushes.

Oshinity Kenyan brand makeup brushes

The flat foundation brush is another winner. Soft, firm, strong and gentle. It looks and feels as good as any flat foundation brush makeup artists have used on me. I however don’t use this for foundation, but rather to apply my face masks when I don’t want to get my hands messy. It gives me smooth and even application with more precision around my eyes than I’d get with my fingers. I occasionally also use it to apply moisturizer when I’m feeling particularly playful.

Oshinity Makeup Nairobi Kenya

My favorite thing about Pauline Cosmetics brushes – aside from the fact that they’re amazing quality and Kenyan, by a strong Kenyan woman – is the aesthetics. Soooo chic! Black and white, simple and elegant. Very posh and look good on the vanity. I’ve tried some Pauline Cosmetics makeup products like the lipsticks but I’m looking to get the face powder and eyeshadow palette to try a well and hopefully review soon. Pauline Cosmetics products are available country wide (check for outlets here) and you can also just order them online via their website. I’m so proud of Nelly and all she’s done with this brand and all the good things to come in future. She’s ambitious, focused and level headed and such a darling. Check out her interview with Caroline Mutoko here. Let me know what you’ve tried from the brand and how you like it. Cheers and have a grand rest-of-the-week.




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