2018! Feelin’ it yet? How can you not when Bruno Mars & Cardi B have blessed us so early in the year with some sweet nostalgia & feel-good vibes that I cannot get enough of! As I typed that I realized it’s the second New Years post in a row where I’ve mentioned Bruno Mars and blessed. ‘Tis fated. Hahaha. So now that we’re in the second week of the year, it’s time to actually get back into the swing of things . . . and to start actioning those New Year’s Resolutions. Remember them? The ones that were declared with such gusto and by now have probably been pushed aside? Or postponed? It’s always hard to stick to them huh? But fret not,  I’ve got some hacks that will help keep us on track with our resolutions.


Be Realistic

It’s very easy to get carried away when setting our resolutions. The excitement for the new start and the faith that there will suddenly be a new chance to get things done once the clock and calendars reset get the better of us. We go overboard with our goals. I’m not saying don’t dream big . . . I’m just saying be realistic. Know what you are capable of and use that as your guide. Don’t overshoot so that you don’t end up feeling intimidated by the tasks at hand and don’t end up feeling miserable when you don’t succeed all the way.



Seeing is believing, right? Why not make a Vision Board? Sounds cheesy and all, I know, but it works as a good way to paint a better picture of all the things you want for yourself. And having that visual reminder will keep your goals in sight – literally, and top of mind subconsciously. Plus it is quite fun coming up with a Vision Board. Some people even have parties where they come together and do their own in a jovial, positive, open environment and have a good time. I believe TerryAnne Chebet hosted one such soire last year. I personally like to keep my magazines intact so I do a digital Vision Board and just check online for relevant images and then create a montage and save it. This way I can easily share it with someone and I can even use it as screen wallpaper to maximise on exposure to it.


Remember Why You Started

Let’s face it, a lot of us will start to fall off the resolutions wagon – and soon! It’s just human nature. Especially for lifestyle changes or when results are not quick to appear, like with going to the gym. It gets discouraging. But when you feel like giving up or get too tired or frustrated, just remember why you started. Why it was important for you to get what you set out to in the first place. Things like the Vision Board will come in handy here.


Keep Track 

Duh! Sounds so obvious but a lot of us don’t. We just set our goals and then start and that’s it. It’s probably why we never finish. You can’t just embark on a new journey or begin to work on something and not regularly check in on yourself. Even Netflix asks if you’re still watching after a while. Keeping track keeps you on track. So journal or take progress pictures or have someone you discuss your goals and dreams with. It matters. It shows how far you’ve come and helps you chart how much farther to go on your journey. And it reminds you why you started.


Celebrate Small Milestones

Keeping track enables us to see all the progress we make and that makes it possible for us to see the mini triumphs. And these are important – they’re the small steps that add up to getting us to our destination. So celebrate them and reward yourself  a little for a good job so far. Enjoy your small wins. They mean a lot and will get you more excited for the big ones.


Be Flexible 

I’m not saying start practicing yoga . . . unless it’s on your list. I’m saying don’t be rigid with your goals and timelines. Life is funny. Circumstances change. Time moves differently for different people. God has His own plans sometimes. So do as much as you can to follow through with your resolutions as planned but allow yourself some wiggle room when things don’t go as scheduled. Allow yourself the flexibility to change some things and accommodate where you are in life.


The most important thing is to be true to yourself when setting and working towards your goals – because the only one you owe anything to is yourself. So just be real, be authentic, stay positive and don’t give up on yourself. Remember you are worthy of all the good things you want.  I still have my prinatbles from last year to help better articulate your resolutions in clear and simple forms below so feel free to download and print them out. I’m gonna work on mine tonight. And for those who want to save some ssssshhhhmmmmoney the 52 Week Savings Plan chart via Rookie Manager is still available here. I wish you all a smashing 2018 full of realized dreams and goals.


Oshinity New Years Resolutions Worksheets

Oshinity New Years Resolutions Worksheets


Oshinity New Years Resolutions Worksheets


Oshinity New Years Resolutions Worksheets






  1. Maryam
    January 8, 2018 / 10:34 am

    This has your whole year organized and your character and behavior fixed. Get ready to prosper this year.

    • Oshin
      January 8, 2018 / 1:08 pm


  2. Lucy
    January 8, 2018 / 1:00 pm

    2018 is all about getting organized and making things happen. Lovely post

    • Oshin
      January 8, 2018 / 1:07 pm

      That’s right! Happy 2018. Dominate!

  3. Shifa
    January 8, 2018 / 1:14 pm

    Love it! Will be using ALL these worksheets!
    Thanks Oshin!

    • Oshin
      January 8, 2018 / 2:24 pm

      Yay! I’m glad you like them Shifa!

  4. January 12, 2018 / 9:54 am

    Happy New Year.

    Best wishes in 2018

    • Oshin
      January 12, 2018 / 12:24 pm

      Thank you! Best wishes to you too.

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