Gucci Bloom, the first pillar fragrance for women by Gucci in several years, has finally landed in Nairobi! I’ve been seeing the unmissable pink bottle all over the internet over the last several months since it was released (August 2017) by Gucci and I can’t deny I was interested. So when Madora sent me missive that it was available in their stores and they were having a testing last Saturday, I had to go and try it out for myself. Their Westgate outlet’s display window was splendidly dressed in Gucci Bloom branding and the entrance was flagged by two enormous flower arrangements, the likes of which are rare to see before Valentine’s Day. They even had a violinist in-store to entertain their customers in celebration of the fragrance. I quite enjoyed that special touch.

Oshinity Gucci Blooms in Nairobi Kenya Madora

I’d already done my research a while ago on Gucci Bloom and I expected it to be unabashedly floral but the flacon somehow convinced me that it would not be that strong. I mean, it’s a very soft non-threatening pink. Not the case. In fact, when I actually took a whiff courtesy of one of the ladies who was bearing the bottle, I regretted it instantly. The scent is heavy, concentrated for the gwodz and in your face. In the words of Jackie Aina, I had to “square up!” For those who love strong, truly floral and mature scents (the kind grown ups used to wear when we were kids) this is for you. The prominent tuberose and it’s partners in crime jasmine absolute and Rangoon creeper (Chinese honeysuckle) merge together into one mother white floral and that is all I could pick up. And it smelled like it was one of those that lasts all day too.

Oshinity Gucci Blooms Nairobi Kenya Madora

For someone who lives on the more citrussy, fruity, woody side of the scent universe, floral and especially white floral perfumes have the capability to incapacitate me. So why tuberose and these old timey styles are making a comeback with the likes of this Gucci Bloom and Gabriel Chanel . . . I don’t know. But Alessandro Michele, the Gucci Creative Director, explains that he wanted his inaugural fragrance release since he took the throne to reflect his vision and renaissance for the brand. It’s all about empowering women authentically and vibrantly for him while bringing Gucci back to its former glory as a luxury fashion and beauty house. While the scent is sophisticated in a classic way, the bottle is quite different, modern and fun. Very Instagrammable – which is a thing! It is a powdery pink lacquer that almost looks like porcelain, something Alessandro is fond of and has worked with at Richard Ginori. The lines are fine and simple and the branding is quite spectacular in its simplicity of white ribbing and bold black letters with the Gucci black bordering. Exquisite! The box on the other hand pays homage to the brand’s heritage with a variation of the Gucci herbarium print that we have seen on some of their clothing. This is similar to the Flora scarf they had for Grace Kelly being integrated into the Flora by Gucci 1966 perfume pouch.

Oshinity Gucci Blooms Nairobi Kenya Madora

Oshinity Gucci Blooms Nairobi Kenya Madora

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So while this particular perfume will not be making its way anywhere near me ever again, those with an affinity for floral fragrances and heady feels should definitely head on to Madora and give it a try. I’m not sure about the pricing but they have them available from 50 ml onward and there are some freebies that come with them for a limited time. I’d love to know what your thoughts are on the same and what kind of fragrances you naturally gravitate towards. Have a beautiful week ahead.






  1. January 24, 2018 / 11:13 am


    I read from an aromatherapist that this doesn’t have a genuine tuberose note (ie it’s akin to those strawberry scents that don’t actually smell like strawberry, but smell more like strawberry sweets – yet we accept it as strawberry scented or flavored).

    You know I love my genuine white florals (somehow you still love me ) so the faux notes in that department tend to turn me off. I know you don’t like white florals, but if you’ve smelled tuberose directly – does it smell like the actual flower or like the note we are used to smelling as tuberose (does that make sense)?

    Me I don’t want to order a sample (I refuse to set foot in Westgate unfortunately) and find myself disappointed. Then again… if I’m disappointed we can be disappointed together. Love you (and great post, really enjoyed the tidbits of knowledge you threw in there).

    • Oshin
      January 24, 2018 / 11:35 am

      Brc. Hmmmm, well I guess when they do extractions and the methods they use to do so, they change the naturally occurring smell? Plus the chemicals added etc. But in any case yuck! lol. I too wonder how I still love you when you love my enemies. Honestly, to me the smell was all icky strong white floral bad mama jama. Like I said I couldn’t pick out anything. I’m just happy to be alive honestly. lol. Why won’t you go to Westgate? I had the same mindset before. I was sad and scared and just felt cold every time I even drove past it. But I went in and it’s ok. Feels familiar but not quite. Right and wrong at the same time. Weird. Love you and thanks for reading and the love. Now . . . if I could just find a way to insult Alessandro’s work and get him to forgive me like Chong from Amouage hahaha

      • January 26, 2018 / 4:51 pm

        HAHAHAHAHA I love you.

        Yeah Westgate feels like it should be a memorial. I just feel wrong walking over a space where so many died so violently without there having been some sort of ceremony honouring their lives and passing in that space. Then again, some might call me superstitious. The fact that it’s open again may seem like a sign of strength to many, but for me it feels like disrespect. I don’t have any opinions or judgments about people who go there, but it’s just not something I want. Maybe I’ll change my mind one day… for now it’s where I stand.

        I’m happy you’re alive also; how did you survive the florals? I’m sure Lush had something to do with it. 😛 If you had the damn Christmas tea I got you, you coullaf bathed in that!

        I love your writing! Ovkoss I’m reading.

        • Oshin
          January 28, 2018 / 12:04 pm

          Me too re: memorial. That’s what kept me away so long. But I went one day and have been twice again since. Still very eerie and cold. Hahah shisha helped me survive the florals. Haven’t used the Lish in a while. I should. I just want it to last. Thanks for enjoying!

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