First taking stock post of the year! Now that we’ve made it through the long year that was January! I’m hoping to be more diligent with these posts this year.


Making: positivity and possibility thinking my default setting in life just to see if this new age stuff actually works. It’s so much harder than people assume . . . always being optimistic and such. But it really does force you to hold on tightly to whatever is good and that’s very important in this life.
Cooking: quick and easy meals. A lot. Especially late at night when I really shouldn’t be hahaha when inspiration (read hunger) strikes, you gotta do what you gotta do. I need to get on this meal prepping thing and make my life and my choices better.
Drinking: green tea makes me feel like I’m doing something nice for myself.
Reading: nothing at the moment. I need to go to my happy place and buy some new reads . .   or old favourites. Or I could try for the millionth time to finish Wuthering Heights. LOL.
Wanting: to see the world. There are so many places I want to go and lately I’ve been dreaming a lot about this. I’ll be heading to the airport for my flight to dream destinations like Cuba or Morocco or Turkey only to have something happen on the way that I have to attend to immediately and I wake up without having made it to the flight. Sigh.
Looking: like a raccoon what with the dark circles around my eyes. Abeg! Some things we should never have to deal with at this time in life. What have we got to look forward to at 60 if they start so early?
Deciding: whether or not to get rid of the cats by putting them in an Uber to Rongai without telling my mum or to continue tolerating them.
Wishing: I was horse riding on the beach again. One of the most beautiful moments in my life!
Enjoying: my self-inflicted retrograde when it comes to TV. Over the last 2 years I’ve been watching a lot of shows over again whether from a long time ago or just recently finished. I’m not as excited about starting brand new shows unless I get a really convincing recommendation.
Waiting: on God and His time and His plan. I’m doing what I can but it’s all in His hands and I trust that it will all be worth the wait. Inshallah.
Liking: podcasts. Never really tried to listen to any more than once but I’m getting into it now and it’s cool.
Wondering: why when people change it mainly seems to be for the worse.
Loving: my new set of fairy lights. Obsessed more like it! They just make everything a little magical, don’t they?
Listening: to the loud sound of my typing. Eish! Is this how hard I type? Is this normal?
Considering: this heat in Nairobi, I wish I could wear a bhati (tie dyed cotton dirac) all day every day.
Buying: nada. Haven’t been buying anything lately. My buying mojo has clocked out.
Watching: Archer all over again. Again. I never tire of it. Fantastic!
Hoping: my hair actually grows as much as I want it to this year because I will not neglect it as always.
Marvelling: at how drawn I am to water and how I am always longing for the beach or a pool. Always. Every single day. A spiritual longing. Are all water signs like this or do I have a problem? Like a water-based bufis?
Needing: a spa day soon. Been a while. A good rub and scrub always gives me a new lease on life. I wanna try a Moroccan treatment next.
Questioning: why we “catch feelings” when people change. It’s human nature. It should be expected. It’s allowed, for better or worse.
Smelling: apple cider vinegar and it is not cute! But I MUST get used to it.
Wearing: leggings/tights is a way of life for me at this point. So comfortable and versatile. Ifn they ever go out of style, like way out of style I’m gonna be the weirdo clinging on to my black leggings.
Noticing: a lot of those “Nairobi flies” all over. Cause for alarm! I hate those things and break into a sweat when I see them because they literally and figuratively scarred me when I was about 10. Never again.
Knowing: how obsessive I get about some things and yet how quickly I get bored with others, this “30 Days of” blog series I’m embarking on this year will be a trip!
Thinking: is all I do lately. And my silver hair can prove it.
Admiring: how stunning Jackie Aina and Nancie Mwai look in different hair colours and cuts and styles. Mashallah.
Getting: back to these Taking Stock posts this year a little more seriously and will try have them up monthly or bi-monthly.
Feeling: great, Alhamdulillah!
Hearing: those damn cats fighting and about to summon an Uber for real. Consequences be damned. But then again, I don’t want to sit across from Oprah in a few years when she interviews me and have to say my mum and I never spoke again since I secretly got rid of her beloved cats. Sigh. Imagine what kind of anticlimax that would be.






  1. Jsn
    February 2, 2018 / 1:27 pm

    As always, very, very nice!

    Happy you year!

    • Oshin
      February 2, 2018 / 4:20 pm

      Happy YOU year to you too! I love that! xo.

  2. Lucy
    February 3, 2018 / 7:32 am

    I hate cats so I really feel your frustration. Great post.

    • Oshin
      February 3, 2018 / 4:07 pm

      Finally! Someone who doesn’t think I’m horrible for hating them. Thank you.

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