Making : lots of specific prayers lately. I pray a lot but recently realized my prayers are too general. Asking for exactly what I want now and readying myself for it. Intention, clear intention is everything.
Cooking : more traditional sweet dishes like tambi and sooji in the evenings because my sugar cravings and comfort eating is at a high right now. I know it’s soooo bad but it makes me feel better so I succumb. Sigh.
Drinking : tea with my night time desserts. Green tea and black tea. Anything that tastes earthy and calms me. Tea is such a wind down mood for me.
Reading : some old fantasy favourites. I am currently in a very escape-from-reality-and-the-big-bad-world space right now so I’m getting lost in different yet familiar fantastical worlds within the pages of books.
Next read : should probably be some Bukowski. I miss him.
Wanting : to get a nice, natural wig so I can just slather my hair in all these things they say will help it grow and plait it and just nurture it for like a year and hope it works out. But God knows I can’t do without free hair so a wig is essential.
Looking : forward to Summer 2019! LOL! Weird right? It’s not like we do Summer here in Kenya and it’s like a year away and I should be living in the present and all that jazz but I’ve got a plan for #Summer19 and I’m focusing on that.
Playing : Michael Malarkey’s music every single day. There’s something about his voice that moves me deep down.
Deciding : to cut off sugar. I’m really abusing it and the more I get the more I want and it’s ridiculous! Bye bye sugar!
Wishing : I was at the beach. What else is new?
Enjoying : Rich Lux’s YouTube channel. He is hilarious! I love him!
Waiting : sucks. I hate waiting! I’m the typical I want what I want and I want it NOW type.
Wondering : what the Nairobi weather really wants from us. Seriously. Someone tell me.
Loving : the Beauty News YouTube channel’s Makeup Breakup series. So much fun destroying and analyzing makeup. I wanna try that.
Buying : absolutely nothing! If I don’t need it, I’m not getting it. Kicked the impulse buying habit and I’m glad for it.
Watching : Mad Men. Never really watched it dedicatedly before and for the life of me I cannot understand why I didn’t! As someone in that field and a lover of periodicals, I really slept on it. It’s so wicked and I’m loving Christina Hendricks even more now.
Next watch : Black Mirror. Maybe. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat and I am not sure whether or not it’s scary like horrors or just a good ol’ mind f&*$ like The Twilight Zone.
Hoping : to get my specific prayers answered. That is essentially what hope is, right?
Marvelling : at the fact that I’m actually meditating! Like actually getting in the zone and zoning out. Wicked!
Cringing :at how the internet just descends on people and their mistakes or choices. It’s been such a drama filled fortnight online and I’m just here like is it really necessary? I know I’m guilty of jumping on the bandwagon sometimes when there is a major controversy and I get how easy it is to get sucked into it but damn. It’s so potent right now. Ngai.
Needing : a spa day. Stat!
Questioning : everything. Always.
Smelling : coffee brewing. Yummmmmmmy!
Wearing : socks (which I don’t often do) because it’s cold.
Following : my gut. My head and my heart just seem to bicker with each other so much but my gut is always like “girl, this!”
Worrying : about the state of the world. It really does keep me up sometimes.
Knowing : attention and intention are two very powerful things and not wasting them on things that do not and should not matter.

Admiring : and appreciating honesty in all forms.
Getting : back into journaling. Why did I stop? There’s something powerful about preserving thoughts and memories on paper.
Coveting : perfume minis. I wanna start ciollecting them. They’re so cute!
Disliking : whatever it is in the air that’s making me sneeze 24/7.
Giggling : at every single thing Rich Lux says. Yes, I’m obsessed!
Feeling : good. Alhamdulillah.
Snacking : on raisins.
Hearing :  my alarm go off! It’s time to post this already!






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