I have not been here in a long time so I reckon a Taking Stock post is ideal and honestly, long overdue. I can’t even remember the last time I did one of these. This year has just been a huge disappointment for me and I’m so glad to see the back of it. I’m here like k, bye! Lol. I’m looking forward to all the glory of 2019. Cheeeeehuuuuuuu! So let’s just get into the stock taking shall we?

Making: lists, plans, promises, schedules, beans, greens, tomatoes, potatoes, lambs, rams . . . You name it! It IS that time of year when we get ready and set to go in the new one. And I like to reflect on the year that was and strategize for the upcoming months with a sense of direction not just determination. Are you preparing your agendas and setting your intentions yet? 2019 is ours for the taking! 

Cooking: a lot of my favorite homemade traditional deserts and enjoying them because come 2019, sugar and I will no longer be in a loving committed relationship (ok, we may see each other from time to time) but we will no longer be serious. I’ll miss you, sugar! 

Drinking: soda again. Sigh. Way too much of it, again. Hence my intended impending breakup with sugar mentioned above. I was doing so well keeping away from it for a while and then it took just one sip to send me falling down the rabbit hole. And all I could see in a dizzy fizzy tizzy were sodas labeled “Drink Me!” This needs to stop. I’ll miss you, again, soda!

Listening to: a lot of soft rock. I’ve been in a soft rock reverie lately and I’m loving it. 

Reading: nothing at the moment. Finished the last book I was reading about a fortnight ago and I haven’t picked anything new up, yet. I need to stroll down to my favorite bookshop soon to find a few new titles. I was in town the other day and I was so heartbroken to see very very few street book vendors and the ones that I did spot only seemed to have Bibles and medical texts. What happened to those guys? They had amazing books! 

Next read: I hate to say it because I don’t read into (pun intended) the hype, but it might just be Michelle Obama’s book. Because I am interested in what she has to say but I really don’t like reading very popular/sensational books when they’re piping hot as I don’t want my feelings to be influenced by every single post I see on it online, you know? Ah man, even just thinking about it is making me not want to get it. I’m already recalling a couple of captions on it from just this morning! Lol. 

Wanting: a completely different energy and cosmic response from 2019. 2018 was so busted y’all. Soooo over it! 

Looking: at old photos and going through a very undulated memory lane. 

Playing: it safe will be left in this here 2018. PeriodT! 

Deciding: to cut out sugar from my diet is something I’m dreading. Hence I’m talking about it so much. I mean, it’s sugar! It makes everything sweeter! How will I ever get through this. Is stevia to sugar what soy is to meat? Is it? Who wants to be my sucrose spirit guide? 

Wishing: I could spend my NYE at my favorite place, with my favorite face, and that gorgeous Cancer moon we were blessed with some nights ago. Oh, and some Sinatra or Sam Cooke playing so softly it sounds as if whispered by the wind. Sigh. If only! 

Enjoying: the can-do spirit that New Years hold. The air of possibility they bring. There’s a magic to tap into in that. 

Waiting: for a delivery that has had the absolute longest journey a package has ever had getting to me! I just want it to reach me already! 

Liking: Instagram music on stories. I might get annoying using it so much haha. Beats me singing! 

Wondering: how people who are so exposed to so much and have access to so much information can be so incessantly ignorant. I really can’t understand it. 

Loving: myself. 

Buying: dumbbells  who am I? Inspired by all these at-home workouts I keep seeing on Instagram and I just feel like taking all weighty matters into my own hands, literally.

Watching: who I interact with on every single level. Aura over everything. 

Hoping: to at least TRY to do some of the things I keep saying I’ve always wanted to do in 2019. There’s nothing stopping me but my own self sabotage. Team this from now on. Excelsior!

Marveling: at how stupidly judgmental and passively confrontational some people are. It’s actually sadly hilarious to me. Wetin concern you? Abeg! 

Cringing: at my lip syncing videos that I post. Always. But they’re so much fun to do lol. Can’t help it. Those who can’t, lip sync!  Haha.

Needing: the ocean. Haven’t been in a year plus! When your name sounds like the ocean, your Hawaiian (given) surname is Kai and you’re a Pisces, it’s painful being away from the sea. This fish is out of water and it’s not doing so well. I need a homecoming. 

Questioning: everything. Always. You know? Ama? 

Smelling: and trying out new perfume any chance I can get. I haven’t added a new scent to my collection in YEARS and I finally did recently and now I feel like exploring some more. 

Wearing: red lipstick almost daily! Loving it. Back to basics in the most non basic way ever. Red lips are life! 

Following: more and more Kenyan content creators and loving what I’m seeing. We have some very wonderful people in that space. 

Worrying: about the future has become my daily and late nightly occupation. 

Noticing: my energy shift in consciousness and loving the revelations that come with it. 

Knowing: life is not guaranteed and nobody owes you anything has been a real repetitive lesson this year. 

Thinking: positive. Thoughts become things. 

Admiring: everyone taking risks and pursuing self development. Go you! 

Getting: to terms with the fact that nothing is permanent in life. Not the good, not the bad, not the ugly. Nothing. Life is always in flux. 

Coveting: the same things for next year as I always do: success, peace, health (read weight loss), adventure and 

Disliking: where I have been over these last months and working on getting to where I wanna be and who I wanna be. I’m seriously channeling all my hopes and positivity into the new year. 

Opening: my arms, mind, heart and eyes wide open to all of the good that the universe has to offer. 

Feeling: drained. This year really has exhausted me on every level! Dear 2019, let’s be friends please. 

Snacking: on chocolate because . . . Who needs a reason other than it’s chocolate! 

Listening: only to my inner warrior Queen voice in 2019. The rest of the voices in my head have all been kicked off her island!




  1. Tejal
    December 29, 2018 / 6:06 pm

    Love! All the best for 2019. ❤ Here’s to new beginnings and conquering obstacles.

    • Oshin
      January 1, 2019 / 7:21 pm

      Happy New Year Tejal! May it be your best one yet!

  2. Idil
    January 13, 2019 / 3:54 pm

    beans, greens, tomatoes, potatoes lmfao i started singing a long as i read it.
    I’m loving this post .. *inserts nodding gif lol
    2019 is oursssss !

    • Oshin
      January 13, 2019 / 4:55 pm

      Hahahah has to. And yeah can’t help but sing along. Thank you boo.

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