This dreary Nairobi weather is the perfect time to add a pop of colour to your eye looks. It’s my favourite way to inject life and flair to a look – aside from good ol’ blush – when it’s cold and gloomy. And it brings focus to the eyes in a striking and interesting way. I’m sharing my favourite 5 fun and simple ways to wear colour on an otherwise neutral face, but you can of course, wear them however you want to because makeup is all about self expression!


Neon Inner Corner 

The neon makeup trend has taken over the world! And I must admit, I’m so here for it. It’s so cool that colours we’d normally stay away from are getting some love. My fave way to make the neons wearable is the inner corner highlight style. Makes a statement without having to say too much. Plus they have that hot girl summer vibe even in our Nairobi gloom. For this look I layered the orange shade (Bold) from the Joanna K Cosmetics Aspire collection eyeshadow palette (review here) and the orange shade from the Huda Beauty Eelctric Obsessions mini palette (review here). Any bright colours will do like greens, yellows, hot pinks and blues. Don’t be shy . . .  just do it!

Vivid Waterline 

This is the most classic way to jazz up any eye look. It instantly elevates from basic to bomb! And it’s captivating too. It’s ridiculously easy to do and you can never go wrong with it. Especially not if you choose colours that look good against your skin tone. Personally, greens and blues look best on my complexion so I stick to those for the most part. For this look I used the incredible MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in the shade Landscape Green. This is my favourite power green to wear.

Bright Cateye

I live for a classic cateye, any day. Lately, however, I’ve been loving a twist on the classic and going edgy and bright. Loving it! This is such an in-your-face look. Unconventional colours like red and white are so ideal for this – don’t be shy. They are wearable. For this yummy look I used Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip paint in the shade Uncensored and an angled brush. Any bold liner or even eyeshadow can be used to achieve this.

Bold Lower Lid

This is another easy peasy and fierce way to infuse some colour. It’s fetching because it’s not the usual top lid eyeshadow application but rather focusing the look on the lower lid. Something about wearing eyeshadow like this always makes me feel like some tribal princess somewhere. There’s a magic to it. For this look I just packed on the purple shimmer shadow from the Huda Beauty Electric Obsessions mini palette all over my lower lid. I extended it both at the from and at the tail for some oomph. I prefer to use a shimmer shade for this because it adds dimension.

Unconventional Lashes 

Colourful lashes are so fun and sensational! And not run-of-the-mill either so they definitely stand out from the crowd. I love coloured mascara to jazz up any look and the options are endless. Blue has always been my favourite unconventional lash colour so for this look I went with the Colour Pop BFF mascara in Blue Ya Mind. It’s such an electric and yummy blue! Hard to resist.

It’s so easy to play with colour around the eyes in minimal ways that pack a punch! It doesn’t always have to be heavy shadow and a full face. Experiment, go wild, get artsy. Live in colour!





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