Mi gente! What in the epic disaster movie is going on this year!? We cannot seem to catch a break! I’ve been having so many thoughts and scares over this whole Coronavirus pandemic and its implications – you too right? How can we not? Decided to do this “thematic” taking stock post today just to release some of them and to get back in the swing of writing here. It’s a long one but we have time J

Making: the intention to stay positive and be responsible during this Coronavirus situation we’re all facing. It’s all easier said than done to be honest – as simple as the precautionary instructions may be. I never realized how many things we touch and how many times I touch my face and have to get into close contact with people before all this. It’s crazy!

Cooking: has become the order of the day (pun very much not intended but it works, so hey!). Now that staying home has been mandated, it just makes sense to cook at home and stay away from eateries and ordering in. I’d love to order take out as much as possible to support businesses but as we don’t know how long this situation will last, homemade meals are also a great way to save money in case things get worse.

Drinking: tea – A LOT! I love tea and have at least one cuppa on the daily but now I’m drinking tea every chance I get because they say hot drinks helps reduce nasal congestion. I love my tea black and sugarless and I’m currently alternating between green tea, purple tea from BuKe and dried hibiscus flower tea that I usually get from Naivas.

Reading: like I used to again and my soul is relishing it! The last couple of years saw my reading dwindle but it feels good to be back to it. My current read is Paulo Coelho’s The Spy – and this is my second go at it. I love Mata Hari’s story and I thought I should revisit is as delivered from her letters by one of my all-time favourite authors once more. P.S. Paulo Coelho has a link in his Instagram bio to free versions of his e-books for those looking to occupy themselves during isolation. Check it out!

Wanting: what now seems like frivolous things like wanting my skin to clear up seems a little shallow in the light of this global crisis . .  . but I am human and I have fickle human thoughts and wants and somehow, having such issues gives me some semblance of normalcy you know?

Looking: at the bright side and hoping to use this time to get back to content creation after letting it sit on the back burner for a while, hence this post. Hello everybody, I’ve missed you! I’d missed this.

Playing: the USA Today crossword puzzle and the City of Love game I’d downloaded last year. The puzzle is to keep my wit sharp and the game is fantasy fulfillment. Balance is key, even in games.

Wasting: time in commutes is real yo! Working from home has me with a surplus of time and I love it. Up to 4 hours wasted on some days. And yes, it’s been confirmed: some meetings really could have been emails. I hope this experience helps us all keep working smarter.

Praying: to not catch this thing and that none of my people do and that everyone who does recovers and that they get a vaccine and cure soon and that the whole world can just go back to normal but better – let’s keep the lessons and improvements but let’s just go back to the good times. Man, did we take SO much for granted!

Wishing: wellness and favour and ease on everyone during this time, especially our elderly, pregnant ladies, children, the homeless and all our dedicated service men and women out there doing things for us so we can keep safe, get better and have some operations going. And I thank them all.

Enjoying: the sunshine that Nairobi has been blessed with recently. I’m always complaining about how hot it is during Jan – March but this year I’ve been enjoying it for the most part. It rained some today, and quite enjoyed that too.

Waiting: for God to bring us all through this. It too shall pass.

Liking: the closeness that has been engendered from the forced distancing. People are checking up on each other, appreciating each other, helping each other – it’s all so beautiful.

Wondering: what episode of Black Mirror this is! P.S. I’ve never watched Black Mirror. Ha!

Loving: my mother all the more (if that’s even possible). She’s holding us down! God bless and keep her.

Hoping: everyone who’s stuck away from home finds refuge, hospitality and assistance. And that those under quarantine get through it soon.

Marvelling: at the internet. I hate it sometimes but man, can it come through to lighten things up when you need it!

Needing: to see the world at some point in my life so please God get us through this so I can.

Smelling: petrichor. That rain though 🙂

Wearing: a bhati and furry house slippers because ain’t nobody got time for jeans or pants right now.

Following: the news like I haven’t in a long long time. Stressful.

Noticing: that for a majority of people it’s more important for them to be right than anything else.

Knowing: we will overcome.

Thinking: it wouldn’t be so bad to be isolated at my favourite beach escape with a hubby.

Feeling: vulnerable, scared, hopeful . . .

Bookmarking: any and all “free online course” ads I see. I need to get to them and see if they’re any good.

Planning: to start the free Deepak Chopra guided mediation (link in his Instagram bio).

Giggling: at silly memes. Necessary.

Hearing: the damn cats going at it! Apparently their mating season is still on and I have had it! Time to go chase them off to go engage elsewhere haha.

Be safe. Please.




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