A new year is here but instead of that reset mindset I always have I feel like its more about resilience leading to rise. It’s been such a heavy 2020 and this year I just hope we all rally and keep going and break into some relief and greatness. Happiness. Light. Let’s take stock.

Making: self-improvement my main obsession for the year. The days and nights are long but the years are short and I don’t want to still keep saying “I’ve always wanted to . . .” another 10 years down the line. Now it’s time for “I am”, “I do” and “I have”.
Cooking: less and not bothered about it. A culinary lethargy has descended upon me and I’m ok with it. The mojo will be back.
Sipping: lemon water. Always a treat. Need to get mint though . . .
Reading: Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ again. Such a gothic gem. I must admit I was drawn back to the tale by escapist musings. I’m also working my way through ‘Discovering Your Soul Signature’ by Panache Desai – which is more like therapy than reading.
Waiting: has been my unsettling pastime and has unlocked a steady metronome of anxiety infused limbo. Did I say it was unsettling?
Looking: radiant if I do say so myself. I’ve only been using the Fenty Skin Fat Water Toner Serum for a couple of days but I can see the glow and I like it a lot!
Listening: to a Bossa nova compilation in the background as I work and go about my day.
Wishing: I was at my favourite beach escape – always. Always!
Enjoying: The Office so much! Thank you for bringing it back to my life Netflix. Hysterical, stupid, simple laughter is forever a necessity.
Appreciating: new and old moments that remind me what a good heart-skip feels like amidst the current palpitations I’ve been experiencing – uncomfortably.
Eating: mabuyu powder! You wanna be me right now huh?
Liking: the nostalgia I am enveloping myself in (enabled by TV and books) but scared it might turn into a cocoon.
Loving: all the jolly news I’ve been seeing lately – the engagements, marriages and births. How blessed we are that even when things are tough and tumultuous, seemingly hopeless, love and life prevail and dominate! It’s like those scenes in movies I love when the whole world is going to hell and yet a couple will always find a moment there to kiss.
Buying: my 2021 planner because I enjoyed this particular one last year. Well balanced left/right brain entries that make a Pisces girl like me keep interested.
Watching: The Office non-stop. It’s a lifestyle; get into it.
Hoping: and praying for God’s healing for all those who need it. Amin. Amin.
Wearing: an oud oil today. Still fascinates me how I’ve grown into oud when it used to repulse me so much. Some oud scents still do but I’m officially an oud-in-the-hair wearing grown woman. Wow.
Noticing: how judgmental we all are and judging us all for it!
Sorting: through complex intertwined feelings birthed from fear and stress.
Getting: back into blogging with this post. I’ve missed it.
Coveting: some dark chocolate.
Feeling: ok. I’ll take it.
Hearing: no adhan since moving is also contributing to my anxiety. I could always count on hearing adhan and finding comfort. Now, it feels like a certain vibration in the air is gone and my entire being is off-frequency. It’s 4 pm now and nothing! Weird.



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