If you’ve ever considered, but haven’t yet been convinced, to try out one of the myriad of facial cleansing devices in the market today, I’m here to give you 5 reasons you should use a sonic cleansing brush. I’ll admit, I was on the fence for years too. Between the Clarisonic’s heavy influencer push  and the trendy Foreo vanity shots, I was very interested but I wondered if they were worth all the hype. Especially when I was already double cleansing, doing the 1 minute wash and using micellar water and toners. Did I need it? The price-tags on these gadgets was also a turn off to be honest. But I found an affordable “cleansing egg” at Miniso and tried it and loved it. Then my friend Nisha got me a Solo Mio Sonic Cleansing Brush from Earthen Beauty and I’ve been hooked ever since!

Sonic silicon cleansing face brush blog review



Basically, it’s an electric tool designed to throughly clean your face more effectively than just your hands by using specially designed bristles and electric pulses. Some are even equipped with tech that feeds to apps that help analyse skin progress. The Solo Mio one I’m using is a dual-sided, 14-speed, silicon option that’s gentle, relatively affordable and ergonomically shaped.

silicon sonic cleansing brush for face blog review



1. Deeper Clean

The sonic technology produces thousands of electric pulses per minute that enable the brush to get dirt, sunscreen, makeup and other forms of build-up off your skin and out of your pores more throughly and faster than fingers or wipes can. The different speed settings allow you to customize the power to your needs. I love that I can use it daily on a lower setting or employ a higher speed when I have been wearing heavy makeup to ensure I really get in there and get all traces of residue out.

2. Cleaner Clean 

Because some of these brushes, like the Solo Mio,  are made up of ultra- hygienic silicon material, they are less likely to carry bacteria build-up like other materials which may cause breakouts or reactions to the skin. They’re more hygienic and offer a higher grade of clean than other options like  natural and nylon bristles, konjac sponges or washcloths. So they not only clean your skin, they too are clean for your skin.

Sonic silicon cleansing brush for face blog review


3. Exfoliation & Massage 

Depending on the speed setting, the bristles help slough off any loose or flakey dead skin in a more gentle way than other physical exfoliants. This leaves your skin softer, smoother and more radiant – win! The Solo Mio’s back is a massaging side that’s made up of well over a thousand little silicon nubs to work the muscles in your face. Sonic brush massing capabilities claim to help the skin look more youthful. This is achieved by increasing blood circulation and stimulating collagen and elastin production to improve skin elasticity, reduce appearance of fine lines and promote firmness.


4. Better Product Penetration & Makeup Application

Due to the deep cleaning, exfoliation and boosted blood circulation, your skin is primed to absorb skincare products better, deeper and faster. Think about it: pores are unclogged, skin is “breathing” and your canvas is now ready for all your lush skincare to really get in there and work their magic – an added efficiency. Makeup application is also enhanced as it now sits on a visibly smoother surface and blends in better.


5. Less Costly

Non silicon cleansing devices like konjac sponges, natural./nylon bristles etc mentioned above, need replacing more often which have a cost implication after purchase – no matter how affordable. With silicon cleaning brushes like this one, there is no replacement necessary as long as you clean and maintain them well. As the Solo Mio is rechargeable and has a pretty considerable power-life, the need to keep buying batteries is eliminated and saves some money. Every bit counts especially as some sonic brushes are very expensive.

sonic silicon cleansing brush for face blog review



I’ve quite enjoyed using this sonic cleansing brush over the last few months. Whenever I’m consistent with it, I definitely feel and see a positive difference in my skin – top of which is softer, more supple skin with less breakouts. P.S. I mean breakouts related to skin maintenance, not those I get from hormones or poor eating – those are still enemies of progress. I also end up using less cotton pads during my micellar water (check out top micellar water uses here) and toning steps which is always good. In addition, I love the fact that it’s water-proof too so I can quickly use it in the shower (no hot water on the face please).


If you have been unsure about using a sonic cleansing brush, I hope you now have more information that will help you start. My friend bought this for me on Amazon (linked above) but it is currently out of stock – keep an eye out for when it will be back, if interested. If you can splurge – the Foreo options are always very highly praised and if not, check out the Minisio options.














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