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A little over a week ago I got an invitation from Reviv Kenya to try them out and I decided to review the experience for y’all. Who are Reviv Kenya you ask? They are the Kenyan chapter of Reviv – a global wellness center that uses preventative therapy to promote better health through intravenous (IV) Vitamin treatments. You can read all about them and their journey here. The basis of what they do is enhancing immunity, energy levels, metabolism and even appearance through IV and intramuscular shots. I had seen them on Instagram for a while and harboured some curiosity so when the opportunity presented itself, I jumped at it.

Reviv Kenya IV Therapy Treatment blog review Kenya


I was impressed with their spa-like set-up. It’s simple and elegant. I was ushered in by Aisha, their lead rep in Kenya, and we sat down in the common area where some treatments are administered to have a chat about what they do, why they do it and what my expectations should be. I obviously had a lot of questions for her being a newbie to the IV Vitamin therapy world and she had a wealth of information and guidance. Any doubts or fears I had were allayed and I was all set to start the experience. I filled in some forms online via their iPad – you know, general questionnaire on medical conditions and history. Then I selected my treatment option after Aisha ran me through their menu. Thereafter the on-site nurse prepped me and proceeded to expertly hook me up to the IV.

Reviv Kenya IV Therapy Treatment blog review Kenya



I chose to take the Vitaglow IV treatment which claims to “slow down the effects of aging” and give “younger looking skin” with anti-oxidants like Glutathione and Vitamin C. Vitaglow also claims to cleanse “vital organs while improving appearance of skin hair and nails”, as a “non-surgical beauty therapy.” Glutathione, – which I’m sure most of us know only as a skin lightening agent (not in the doses they administer – I asked because I’m cautious about this) – they say will detoxify the body and promote cellular repair to leave you feeling revitalized and reinvigorated. The IV felt cold going into my body through the catheter inserted into the back of my hand but I didn’t feel cold from it. They provide blankets for those who do.

Additionally, I was offered one of their Booster Shots and I opted for the Slimboost one which has benefits including increased energy, appetite regulation and fat burning. I selected it because my weight is something I have been perpetually occupied with since my teenage years. Aisha showed me before and after pictures of some of their clients who are on the shot and it convinced me to give it a try. The shot is intramuscular so was injected into my arm right there in the common area although they do have private rooms for this or IV treatments if you need it. My arm felt a little heavy for about 20 minutes but after that, it was business as usual.

Reviv Kenya IV Therapy Treatment blog review Kenya



Over the last 10 days since the treatments, I must say I’ve seen and felt some of the benefits they claim. Let’s talk Vitaglow: my nails especially have been flourishing. My skin has not had breakouts or been problematic (though I have been keeping up my super simple skincare regimen that has been working for me lately). I can’t speak much on hair because I’ve been using some new products and it’s been a smooth ride since so isolating it to the treatment has been near impossible. On Slimboost, I’ve noticed my appetite has been very controlled and I’ve loved it. I can’t tell whether I’ve lost any weight yet, though. When it comes to energy levels, I’m here to testify! I’m usually inactive and any form of occupation takes a toll on me lately (after effects of being sick for a while) but I’ve had a burst of energy to the point where I found myself running around without my usual complaints. For that alone, I will definitely be going back for the Slimboost shots frequently.

Reviv Kenya IV Therapy Treatment blog review Kenya


When all is said and done, if preventative therapy is something you’re interested in I definitely recommend you give them a shot (pun intended). For Vitamins, IV treatments have a higher absorption rate than oral options so that’s something to consider. They are located at One Padmore Place on George Padmore road in Kilimani and you can reach out to them on Instagram on their menu, pricing and more information. For FAs you can check out their website. Thank you Aisha and Reviv for the invitation, hospitality, information and showing me a new option to wellness. I’ll be back soon.




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