At one point or other in your careers, you will need to get some corporate or official pictures taken so I’m here with some tips on how to make these great. Whether they are being used for corporate profiles, websites or articles done on you, they will be your official “face card” and you definitely want to look your best.

Corporate Photography Shoot Tips Blog Nairobi Kenya


Whether you’re rocking an official suit or you’re going the smart-casual route, the rule of thumb is to keep it simple. Save your busy prints (as good as they may look) for another occasion. Plain, solid colours work best as they do not end up competing for visual attention with you. The focus should be on your face not the floral or animal print you’re rocking. Solids also look fabulous in black and white renders.  Neutrals like black, white, browns, navy, grey are classics. If you want more oomph go for rich colours like reds and jewel tones that work with your complexion. Always carry different shirts or jackets for some variety. Ensure your clothes are well ironed and fit your body without looking too tight or floppy. And remember, whatever happens, stay away from shiny fabrics.


Since these pictures are going to be used for any publication you feature in, you’ve got to look smart and professional. A good base (foundation & concealer) are necessary to ensure a flawless and smart face. Try not to look too shiny. For eyeshadow, mattes are the way to go as shimmer and glitter may reflect too much. Add some blusher or bronzer for dimension and that rich flushed look. A good eyebrow will frame your face and eyeliner will add some va va boom and depth to bring focus to your eyes. When it comes to lipstick always stick to nudes for a clean look and reds or burgandies for some punch. If doing your makeup beforehand, carry a compact powder with you or blotting tissues as well as your lipsticks for quick touch-ups.


Your hair is a fun way to bring out your personality. Blow it out for sleekness, keep it curly/wavy for character or a bun for sophistication. If you are rocking braids or locks, ensure they’re styled smartly.

Corporate Photography Shoot Tips Blog Nairobi Kenya


Like prints and makeup, your jewelry selection should work with you not compete against you. Wear elegant pieces that compliment the entire look without being too bulky. Mixed metals are not a no no idea done right. If you want to rock a statement piece, limit it to one item like a necklace, earrings or watch. Never too much at the same time.


In case you are taking full body shots, shoes can be key in adding some spice so you can play around with them or keep them sophisticatedly simple. For fragrance, wear whatever makes you feel most confident. Sure, perfume won’t appear on camera but the mood it puts you in will come through in the final pictures.


Research and practice. Google corporate shoot poses and try a couple out. See what feels best and what looks great. Play around and get into the groove. If you are unsure, camera shy or nervous have someone around who can help direct you or keep you energetic and happy because you definitely do need some big smile or laugh shots. Don’t be rigid or scared. Move around, sit down, stand up, lean, work your hands, hold a device or a book – make it a great selection that you can use for different publication placements and styles.

Corporate Photography Shoot Tips Blog Nairobi Kenya

Whatever you wear or however you pose, have fun with it. These images will be representing you for a while and they should capture you in your best light. Conquer the world and look good while at it. Rock it!



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