Nearly 2 years since I started using it, I’m finally sharing my SuperGoop Play everyday lotion sunscreen review. Better late than never, right? After the internet went super crazy over SuperGoop hailing them as some of the best sunscreens in the world,  I knew I had to try them out. I did my research and I settled on trying the Play everyday lotion over the other variants for several reasons that made it a better match for my needs and lifestyle.

SuperGoop Play Everyday Lotion Sunscreen Review Blog Nairobi Kenya


The Play everyday lotion is a chemical sunscreen with broad spectrum coverage which means it protects from both UVA and UVB rays. It has very high UVB protection at SPF50 and UVA protection ranking of PA++++. It also gives protection against Infrared (IRA) rays which penetrate even deeper into the skin than UV rays. The formula is claimed to be clean, reef friendly and suitable for all skin types. SuperGoop designed it to be lightweight and water/sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes to be ideal for everyday wear and activities like swimming, cycling, hiking etc.


SuperGoop Play Everyday Lotion Sunscreen Review blog Nairobi Kenya


I won’t lie, on first use, I was a little bit wary because it’s fragranced and may have reacted within my skin but it didn’t, and the scent is one I actually like, so win! It’s very easy to apply and in as much as it’s a lotion consistency, it really is lightweight and absorbs into the skin without much a do. Best of all, it’s got an invisible finish meaning no grey/white/blue cast on colored skin and does not sting the eyes. Easy wear! The finish is dewy for the most part but it leaves me looking quite greasy which I don’t like but have learned to manage with blotting tissues or powder. Which is helped by the fact that it doesn’t pill on the skin and layers well under makeup. It’s also quite moisturizing which means I don’t necessarily need to accompany it with a day moisturizer and my skin doesn’t feel overweighed.

SuperGoop Play Everyday Lotion Sunscreen Review blog Nairobi Kenya


When all is said and done, I love it. It’s easy to access, carry and apply. Price point is fairly high, relative to other sunscreens in the market coming it at around KShs. 3,200 (27 USD) for 77ml. It’s my favorite sunscreen to use when I am at the pool or beach or spending a lot of time out doors because of the sweat-resistant formula which means I won’t accidentally run any of it off and expose myself. If you’re in the market for a new sunscreen and this was on your radar, I hope my review has been helpful. Cheers.






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